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    qadjuguckap324 The divinity shapes her body into a circle. Its feet touch its head from behind. With the hands it bears the goddess Nut, who stands holding the solar disc on her head. It is the Hereafter; The name probably comes from the root dua: “morning”, used to indicate what precedes the morning, that is, the night, and particularly the land of the night, the hereafter. Pictorially, it is pictured as a star inscribed in a circle. This proves the doctrine of a celestial (stellar) hereafter preceding the doctrine of Osiris (earthly). The pictures of this divinity are extremely rare. One of them can be seen on Sethi I ’s…

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      When the dead person appeared before Osiris’s tribunal, he exculpated himself before the judges with a confession called “denial” because it was performed denying the fact of having committed injustices or evil actions (generally religious or ritual). This confession was given in two periods: first the dead person directed himself to the whole tribunal, then to the 42 divinities who helped Osiris. After greeting the latter: “Great God, God of truth and justice, Almighty God”, of whom he declared he knew the magic name, as the one of his helpers, the dead person began his confession: “I have not been violent against my parents. I have not committed crimes.…

  • The Religion


      There are three different principles in the Egyptian man’s life: the Ankh, a spiritual and supernatural force. It is represented by the Feathered Ibis, the same hieroglyphic mark forms the root of the truth “to be effective, charitable, glorious”. Opposed to the body, that belongs to the earth, the Ankh belongs to the sky. In the most remote epochs it was an appanage only for the gods and the pharaohs, as they were divine beings, in fact in the Ancient Reign, the sovereign was subjected to a particular ritual the “sakh”, that made him spiritual and made him an ankh, that is a spirit. Soon the idea of the…

  • The Religion

    Rites for resurrection

    Greetings to you Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the many Names, Of the sacred transformation Of the secret forms in the temples. Death as an end doesn’t exist in the thinking of ancient Egypt and, as so, is refused because it’s intended only as a modification of vital harmony. Actually the Egyptians never accepted it as the disappearance of the Being neither as a second life relegated in another world, far from life on earth. The funeral rituals are actually rituals of awakening to the heavenly life and not moments of desperation: the soul continues to live in the mortal body, rests in it, it eats the offers brought…

  • The Religion

    The Spirit

      The spirit was divided in seven parts: – The Khu (spirit) – The Ba (soul) – The Ka (the double) – The Sekhem (power) – The Ab (feelings) – The Khaibit (the shadow) – The Ren (name) -The Khat (the physical body) The Ka, that is the double of every human being, was the most important. In fact it is the only one who remained “faithfully” bond to the dead person. That’s why it was essential that the body should be preserved or else even the Ka would dissolve itself.

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